Slony-I Watchdog

6.2. Slony-I Watchdog

6.2.1. Watchdogs: Keeping Slons Running

There are a couple of "watchdog" scripts available that monitor things, and restart the slon processes should they happen to die for some reason, such as a network "glitch" that causes loss of connectivity.

You might want to run them...

The "best new way" of managing slon processes is via the combination of Section 6.1.2, which creates a configuration file for each node in a cluster, and Section 6.1.4, which uses those configuration files.

This approach is preferable to elder "watchdog" systems in that you can very precisely "nail down," in each config file, the exact desired configuration for each node, and not need to be concerned with what options the watchdog script may or may not give you. This is particularly important if you are using log shipping , where forgetting the -a option could ruin your log shipped node, and thereby your whole day.