Slony-I Test Suites

6.6. Slony-I Test Suites

Slony-I has had (thus far) three test suites:

  • Ducttape tests

    These were introduced as part of the original Slony-I distribution, and induced load via running pgbench.

    Unfortunately, the tests required human intervention to control invocation and shutdown of tests, so running them could not be readily automated.

  • Test bed framework

    Slony-I version 1.1.5, introduced a test framework intended to better support automation of the tests. It eliminated the use of xterm, and tests were self-contained and self-controlled, so that one could run a series of tests.

    Unfortunately, the framework did not include any way of inducing distributed load, so as to test scenarios involving sophisticated concurrent activity.

  • clustertest framework

    Introduced during testing of Slony-I version 2.0 during 2010, and released in early 2011, this framework is intended to be a better replacement for all of the preceding test frameworks.