generate_sync_event(p_interval interval)

8.74. generate_sync_event(p_interval interval)

Function Properties

Language: PLPGSQL

Return Type: integer

Generate a sync event if there has not been one in the requested interval, and this is a provider node.

	v_node_row     record;

	select 1 into v_node_row from sl_event 
       	  where ev_type = 'SYNC' and ev_origin = getLocalNodeId('_schemadoc')
          and ev_timestamp > now() - p_interval limit 1;
	if not found then
		-- If there has been no SYNC in the last interval, then push one
		perform createEvent('_schemadoc', 'SYNC', NULL);
		return 1;
		return 0;
	end if;