unsubscribeset_int( integer, integer )

1.133. unsubscribeset_int( integer, integer )

Function Properties

Language: PLPGSQL

Return Type: integer

unsubscribeSet_int (sub_set, sub_receiver) All the REAL work of removing the subscriber is done before the event is generated, so this function just has to drop the references to the subscription in sl_subscribe.

	p_sub_set			alias for $1;
	p_sub_receiver		alias for $2;
	-- ----
	-- Grab the central configuration lock
	-- ----
	lock table sl_config_lock;

	-- ----
	-- All the real work is done before event generation on the
	-- subscriber.
	-- ----
	delete from sl_subscribe
			where sub_set = p_sub_set
				and sub_receiver = p_sub_receiver;

	-- Rewrite sl_listen table
	perform RebuildListenEntries();

	return p_sub_set;