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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
212 Slony-I stored p slony1-bugs NEW --- moveSet leaves cluster with no origin 2011-07-08
234 Slony-I stored p slony1-bugs NEW --- pg_dump + restore of a slony node leaves the node corrupt 2011-08-18
302 Slony-I stored p slony1-bugs NEW --- Slony functions unnecessarily lock pg_catalog tables for update 2013-07-24
348 Slony-I stored p slony1-bugs NEW --- Insufficient clean up on DROP NODE 2014-08-14
128 Slony-I stored p jan ASSI --- DROP TABLE replicatedTable leaves the cluster in a bad state 2010-09-09
332 Slony-I stored p cbbrowne ASSI --- Exclude unreplicable objects from replication 2014-03-06
359 Slony-I stored p ssinger ASSI --- Change in PG HEAD to GetConfigOptionByName() parameters 2016-07-26
7 bugs found.


File a new bug in the "stored procedures" component of the "Slony-I" product